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A Magneto is a simplified ignition system that directly converts the motion of kicking or cranking into a high voltage spark. Since it works independently, it will still function with a faulty electrical system, a dead battery or even no battery at all. If you are thinking of making an improvement on your Harley, a Morris Magneto should be at the top of your list. Extra power and true reliability will add to your enjoyment every time you ride. State-of-the-art engineering for state-of-the-road biking. You can't go wrong!

Morris M5 auto-operating magneto

Restyled and re-engineered fully automatic operating Magneto. The Magneto will throw hot starting sparks, no matter how slow your motor turns. Unlike a classic Magneto, which needs manual retard for starting, this one retards automatically for starting like a breeze. All movements are internal, the Magneto appears fixed. This Magneto can be used with or without battery on stock or tuned-at-any-stage engines. Fitting may require spacing of the air cleaner and/or removal of the exhaust crossover. Kit includes a satin finish billet aluminum nose cone, gasket and required hardware.


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231705 Fits 1970 thru 1992 Big Twins € 2.525,20
231710 Fits 1993 thru 1999 Big Twins € 2.525,20

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